Ruyterwacht Seniors tries to alleviate our members' needs by providing the following services:

Social and Spiritual

  • Two gatherings per week provide opportunities for social interaction, including spiritual support
  • Social Work by a part-time social worker
  • Spiritual care is available for those in dire need.
  • Field trips and other excursions, when available.


  • Subsidized meals twice a week
  • Soup kitchen three times a week, open to the whole community
  • A tuck-shop offers fresh fruit, vegetables and soup-meat at below cost price
  • A women's group where members are taught how to prepare economical meals

Health and personal care

  • Basic health services, such as blood-pressure- and foot-clinics.
  • Home-care services, e.g. bed-wash, and wound care.
  • Hair care by students of the Wave College.
  • A nail-care clinic provided by volunteers. 

Limited Housing 

  • Boarding & Lodging to homeless elderly persons in 4 boarding-houses, rented by Ruyterwacht Seniors
  • We are in desperate need of more housing opportunities!

Other Services

  • Library service - donated books
  • Subsidized transport to and from centre gatherings, as well as to hospitals and clinics
  • Laundry and gardening services are offered to the members.
  • Various Arts & Crafts classes are offered.
  • The Centre has its own choir that performs at various functions.



Ruyterwacht Welcomes:

  • Any food donations
  • Cash donations 
  • Fuel and or vehicle maintenance sponsorship
  • Magazines and books
  • Furniture, bric & brac
  • Clothes
  • Art & craft supplies
  • Outings and experiences


Our Bank Details: 

ABSA Bank Parow

Branch Code: 632005, 

Cheque Acc.Nr: 390169582


All donations (cash as well as in natura) received are tax deductible through a Section 18 receipt issued by Ruyterwacht Senior Centre.

Serving the poor, elderly citizens of the Ruyterwacht community with Christian compassion as well as providing basic support services.