Ruyterwacht Senior Centre (RSC) is a program of Badisa and was established in July 1988. It is currently looking after 300 impoverished senior citizens of all cultures and walks of life.

The characteristics of the Ruyterwacht Seniors are that they:

  •  are poor;
  •  are lonely;
  •  require physical support in the form of personal care;
  •  require personal and spiritual guidance;
  •  experience health problems;
  •  feel the need for socializing with others in their own peer group;
  •  feel the need to develop their own creativity ;
  •  consider human dignity to be of importance; 

 An analysis of the composition of the RSC members reveals that:

  •  The average age of members is 65 years;
  •  Members represent 43 different church groups;
  •  32%, 24% and 5% respectively passed Standard 6, 8 en 10 (Grade 8, 10,  and 12)
  • 12% has no income, 75% of members have an income of less than R14000 p.m.  Only 1% has an income more than R3 000-00 p.m.

RSC provides the following services:

  • 2 meetings per week for socializing with peer group and educational talks on a variety of appropriate topics (with average attendance of 240 persons per meeting);
  • Subsidized meals 2x per week;
  • Free soup kitchen 3x per week serving the Ruyterwacht community;
  • Health services, eg. blood pressure clinic and feet care clinic;
  • Home based care services, eg. bed washes and wound care, as well as adult nappies at cost;
  • Library service;
  • Subsidized transport to and from meetings, as well as to and from hospitals and clinics;
  • Hair care;
  • Social work services by a part time social worker;
  • Management of 4 boarding houses, in which, at present, 39 destitute older persons are cared for;
  • Opportunity to take part in cultural activities, eg. choir, celebrating of special days, etc
  • Laundry and garden services;
  • Arts and crafts group, as well as cooking lessons
  • Kiosk where fruit, vegetables and soup meat are sold at cost;
  • Sport and recreation,
  • Outings;
  • Second hand clothes shop;
  • Providing of food parcels during Christmas holidays.

RSC is largely dependent on sponsors, donors and the services of volunteers, who provides an invaluable service.

Ruyterwacht Welcomes:

  • Any food donations
  • Cash donations 
  • Fuel and or vehicle maintenance sponsorship
  • Magazines and books
  • Furniture, bric & brac
  • Clothes
  • Art & craft supplies
  • Outings and experiences


Our Bank Details: 

ABSA Bank Parow

Branch Code: 632005, 

Cheque Acc.Nr: 390169582


All donations (cash as well as in natura) received are tax deductible through a Section 18 receipt issued by Ruyterwacht Senior Centre.

Serving the poor, elderly citizens of the Ruyterwacht community with Christian compassion as well as providing basic support services.